What happens if my claim amount is greater than the balance in my dependent care account?

If your claim amount is more than what you have in your dependent care account, Flex Made Easy will reimburse you up to the amount that is in your account and pend the rest of your claim until your account is funded. At that time Flex Made Easy will reimburse your for the rest of our claim.

Do I have access to my entire Dependent Care election amount at the beginning of the year?

No, you will only have access to dependent care funds that have been deducted from your pay check each pay period.

Can I use the Dependent Care Account and also claim the federal tax credit for dependent care expenses?

Whether the Dependent Care Account or the tax credit is more advantageous to you depends on your personal tax situation. Unfortunately, we cannot provide tax advice to you. You should consult your tax advisor. Another resource to check is the IRS publications www.irs.gov.

What is the grace period?

The grace period allows you additional time to spend the dollars that are in your FSA. Your employer must elect grace period in order for you to participate.

Does my Dependent Care provider have to be a licensed day care?

No, your care provider does not have to be licensed, unless they care for enough individuals to require licensing in your state. They must provide you with their Tax ID Number or Social Security Number, as this will be required when filing your Federal income tax returns.

Additionally, the care provider can be a relative of yours as long as they are not dependents, even if they live in your home. However, do not count any amounts you pay to:

  • A dependent for whom you (or your spouse if filing jointly) can claim as an exemption;
  • Your child who was under age 19 at the end of the year, even if he or she was not your dependent;
  • A person who was your spouse any time during the year; or
  • The parent of your qualifying person if your qualifying person is your child and under age 13

What do I have to send with my claim form in order to be reimbursed?

In order for your Dependent Care FSA reimbursement request to be approved, you must either a) have your care provider sign the Flex Made Easy claim form (no additional documentation is required) or b) include a detailed statement of services that lists:

  • Service period
  • Name of the individual receiving services
  • Amount charged
  • Service description
  • Name of the provider

Do summer day camps qualify for reimbursement?

Summer day camps can qualify for reimbursement through your Dependent Care FSA, if the primary purpose of these camps is for care and well-being in order for you (or you and your spouse if married) to be gainfully employed.

Do overnight camps qualify for reimbursement?

No. The Internal Revenue Code disqualifies expenses that include overnight care. The charges cannot be prorated to include the portion that was for care during the day while you were working.