Looking to save money on your medical or childcare expenses?

Flex Made Easy offers straightforward and simple programs to help you and your family save BIG!

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Available Benefits

Health Care FSA

A Health Care FSA allows you to save money on out-of-pocket expenses for you and your family.

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Dependent Care FSA

A Dependent Care FSA allows you to save money on child or elder daycare expenses .

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Health Reimbursement

A HRA is an employer-funded plan that helps participants reduce medical costs.

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Commuter Benefits

A Commuter Benefits Plan allows you to reduce costs you incur commuting to and from work.

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How does Flex Spending work?

Plan early

  • Review the Eligible Expense lists
  • Look at last year’s medical and child care bills to see how much you pay for co-pays, prescriptions, daycare, etc.
  • Get estimates for services you are considering (e.g. laser eye surgery)

Sign Up!

  • Talk with your HR staff about when open enrollment begins
  • Finalize your election amount
  • Complete your election before the end of open enrollment
Once the plan year has started, use your

  • Flex Made Easy debit card to pay for eligible expenses
  • Submit claims with our mobile app (or scan and upload or fax them) for fast processing.

Flex Made Easy Debit Card

bennycard_womanThe Flex Made Easy Debit Card program allows you easy access to your money.  The card allows you to pay for certain eligible expenses when you are charged or billed, and the amount is assessed directly against your available balance.  Per IRS rules, there are some restrictions on the card, but Flex Made Easy’s processing system insures that your work will be minimized.